Urgent Fundraising – Chua Chung Wei (Skin Cancer)



"Due to swelling in my neck, I visited a clinic for medical attention. The doctor initially diagnosed it as throat inflammation. However, two months later, the swelling in my neck became as large as a fist. Due to the high risks involved, it was challenging to find a clinic willing to perform a live tissue biopsy. Eventually, the diagnosis revealed skin cancer. Despite being young, I hope to receive treatment and return to a normal life."

Chua Chung Wei, a 35-year-old burger vendor from Ayer Itam, Penang, has been significantly impacted in both work and daily life due to his cancer diagnosis. He seeks assistance with a treatment cost of RM65,000.

【Unable to work, depleted savings from previous treatments, and now requiring radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and medication to prevent the deterioration of the condition】

Last October, Chua Chung Wei discovered swelling on the left side of his neck. The test results indicated that his vocal cords and esophagus were deviated to the right, raising suspicion of cancer. The doctor recommended removing the tumor along with the vocal cords, stating that surgery was the only available treatment. As the exact diagnosis was unclear and the prospect of losing the ability to speak after vocal cord removal, Chua attempted traditional Chinese medicine.

After a year of traditional Chinese medicine without improvement, he sought specialized medical examination. The final diagnosis revealed stage three skin cancer without metastasis. However, the exact origin of the cancer cells in the neck lump, vocal cords, or nose could not be identified. The doctor recommended radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Chua has covered the expenses for three chemotherapy sessions and thirty radiotherapy sessions on his own. After a period of rest, he still needs ongoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During treatment, due to various side effects, he has to take medication for four months and can only consume milk powder for sustenance and nutritional supplementation. Lacking the necessary funds for medication costs, he seeks assistance from One Hope Charity.

Chua Chung Wei, a single man, was previously a burger vendor. With the implementation of movement restrictions during the pandemic, he shifted to cooking and selling packed meals at home and delivering them himself. His monthly income was RM 2,000. Since being diagnosed with cancer, he has been unable to work. Currently, his cousin and second aunt take turns caring for him. His 65-year-old father works as a casual laborer in wiring to earn a modest income, and his 59-year-old mother is a housewife. Due to the burdens of his siblings, they are unable to provide significant assistance.

After a home visit and verification, One Hope Charity has decided to assist him in raising the necessary medical funds. He and his family have agreed to entrust the fundraising activities to ONE HOPE CHARITY & WELFARE to collect donations on his behalf. For any inquiries, you can contact the foundation hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations