Urgent Fundraising – Harini (Crohn’s Disease)



*A total of RM5,000 from the “Emergency Medical Reserve Fund” has been channelled; hence, One Hope Charity will only launch fundraising of RM68,000 for this case.*

Sixteen-year-old Harini a/p Kananbathi started experiencing stomach discomfort and diarrhea about three years ago while attending school. She also developed bruises and sores on her legs, making it difficult for her to walk. Her mother, Gayatri a/p Devaraji (39 years old), took her to several hospitals for consultation at that time, but there was no definite diagnosis, only wound cleaning. Seeing her weak and suffering child, Gayatri felt helpless and lost, not knowing where to turn for help. When she finally learned from a doctor that Harini had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, she felt even more bewildered.

"I don't understand why she has this illness. Seeing my child in so much pain, it's very difficult for me too."

Harini's weight dropped from 64kg to a mere 41kg at one point after falling ill. She continued with medication until the second half of 2022. After undergoing medical examinations on her gastrointestinal system, the doctors deemed her healthy and allowed her to stop taking medication. Upon hearing this news, her parents were elated and even purchased a new domestically-produced car. The significance of the car extended beyond mere transportation; it symbolized a new beginning for the family, as it was their first car in 17 years.

Kananbathi a/l Devaraji (44 years old), Harini's father, worked as a factory worker in a furniture factory, earning a monthly income ranging from RM2500 to RM3000. After Harini's health improved, he used his accumulated Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings to clear the mortgage on their house. Meanwhile, Gayatri joined the workforce in a food stall last year, earning a monthly income of RM1700 to contribute to the family's expenses.

【Mother Supports Harini's Diet and Temporarily Pauses Work to Take Care of Her】

The family believed that life was getting back on track, but in March and April of this year, Harini experienced a recurrence of her Crohn's disease symptoms upon returning to school. She felt fatigued, experienced back pain, and had sore feet. After medical tests, it was confirmed that her Crohn's disease had relapsed, causing serious disruptions in her life. Her intestines were inflamed, and ulcers formed in her genital area, occasionally leading to leakage of stool and the risk of bacterial infection.

Gayatri blamed herself for not controlling Harini's diet while she was at school, resulting in the relapse. She now monitors Harini's daily diet, cooking at home to avoid spicy foods, candies, ice cream, seafood, and more. She even joins her daughter in refraining from consuming these foods to prevent cravings.

Upon confirming the relapse of Crohn's disease, the family became anxious. Financially strained, they struggled to afford the necessary IV Infliximab medication for Harini. Gayatri had to stop working to take care of her daughter. Consequently, Kananbathi had to bear the burden of monthly car payments, transportation costs, utility bills, phone bills, living expenses, as well as the education and allowances for their two children. He could no longer afford the hefty medication expenses.

To assist Harini in regaining her health, the ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to raise RM73,000 for her medication over a two-year period. They hope for Harini's swift recovery and return to school life.

The family entrusted the fundraising campaign entirely to the ONE HOPE CHARITY, who will also collect the donations. For any inquiries, please contact the hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations