Urgent Fundraising – Kwee Jun Jie (Crohn’s Disease)



"I don't want my condition to continue controlling me. Frequent diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and other symptoms have forced me to drop out of school, lose friends, feel weak, and even unable to go out and see the world... I earnestly request your help."

The twenties are the most vibrant and joyful period of one's life. However, Kwee Jun Jie, who is now 23 years old, yearns to experience the happiness that corresponds to his age. Unfortunately, the illness within his body has bound him, leaving him unable to move forward and unable to even dream of the freedom that young people should have.

Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, weight loss, and may even lead to anemia, rashes, fatigue, and other conditions. Kwee Jun Jie from Negeri Sembilan was just like most people until Crohn's disease suddenly appeared during his youth, repeatedly tormenting his body up until now.

【Dwelling at home due to the condition, significant weight loss and emaciation】

Starting from his secondary school days, Kwee Jun Jie frequently experienced abdominal pain and had to visit the toilet frequently. His stool was sticky and even had blood, affecting his schooling and daily life. Whether it was participating in sports or meeting friends, he had to carefully consider it to avoid abdominal pain and frequent bouts of diarrhea, which would dampen everyone's spirits. Kwee Jun Jie's father, Kwee Kai Meng (55 years old), revealed that considering his condition, his child was forced to drop out of school in the second year of the illness.

During that time, Kwee Jun Jie's appetite was affected, and he became weak and emaciated. Despite being over 170cm tall, his weight dropped to around 50kg.

The family initially mistook it for hemorrhoids, but after a preliminary examination, they were informed that it was colitis. It was only after further testing at the hospital that he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The parents considered participating in drug trials and even tried mortgaging their house, all in the hope of their child receiving treatment and regaining health.

Over the years, his parents had considered participating in drug trials and even tried mortgaging their house, all in the hope of their child receiving treatment and regaining health. Fortunately, the doctors found suitable injectable medications for Kwee Jun Jie, which, when used monthly, could control his symptoms.

After continuous medication for nearly 18 months, there was some improvement in his condition, and his weight gradually increased to nearly 70kg. Although it seemed promising, the medication required for the next year amounts to RM51,000 , with the family only able to bear RM6,000, leaving a shortfall of RM45,000.

He is unable to work for extended periods and can only rely on temporary jobs such as working in packaging factories and moving goods. Moreover, he is only contacted when the business requires more manpower, resulting in highly unstable income.

【Family's efforts to raise medical expenses, still lacking RM45,000】

Over the years, Kwee Kai Meng, the father, has nearly depleted his savings for his child's treatment. As a construction site supervisor, he supports the family with a monthly salary of around RM5,000. However, in addition to the monthly mortgage payment of RM1,100, they also have credit card debts due to medical expenses, as well as transportation, household, telephone, and utility expenses, amounting to over RM3,000 per month. They are already unable to bear any more financial burdens.

The mother, Cheok May Peng (52 years old), is a housewife. The older brother (29 years old) is currently unemployed, while the sister (26 years old) works as a waitress in Singapore, earning a monthly salary of 1,300 Singapore dollars. She must bear her own rental and living expenses. Despite their financial constraints, the family is still doing their best to raise more funds for Kwee Jun Jie's medical expenses, but they are still lacking RM45,000.

Considering Kwee Jun Jie's urgent need for medication to control his condition, after conducting home visits and verification, One Hope Charity has decided to extend assistance to them and help them raise the remaining funds. Kwee Jun Jie and his family have agreed to entrust the fundraising activities to the One Hope Charity and authorize them to collect donations. For any inquiries, please contact the careline of One Hope Charity at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations