Urgent Fundraising – Lim Jia Liang & Akid Muqri (Heart Disease)


In contrast to many parents who hold expectations for their children to achieve great success, the parents of these two boys simply wish for their sons to attend school, play with friends, and lead a healthy and happy life like other children. They do not want to constantly worry about when the "time bomb" in their sons' left chests might malfunction.

【Affected by heart problems since childhood, they are unable to play with friends easily and struggle to enjoy a carefree childhood】

"I hope I can go to school without falling sick... and play outside with my friends, ride a bicycle!"

Seven-year-old Lim Jia Liang from Johor, was diagnosed with heart problems while still in his mother's womb. He suffers from Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), and underwent Pulmonary Artery Banding (PA Band). After birth, he spent several days in the neonatal intensive care unit before being discharged. Unfortunately, at the age of two months, he was hospitalized due to a bacterial infection. At that time, due to improper medication by doctors who were unaware of his condition, his heart stopped beating momentarily, and his limbs even turned black.

Fortunately, timely intervention saved him, and his condition stabilized. He underwent heart surgery successfully at the age of four months. Over the years, his health has been stable, and his parents closely monitor his heart condition, taking him for regular check-ups at the hospital. After a check-up last year, the doctors determined that it was time for surgery to remove the pulmonary artery banding and close the heart defect, as he now weighs over 10kg and has sufficient resistance.

His father, Lim Ee Hwa (42 years old), works as a chef in Singapore and only returns home once a month. Apart from paying for his accommodation, transportation, and living expenses, he also has to bear the household expenses, including car loans, insurance, children's education, and living expenses.

To ease her husband's burden, Jia Liang's mother, Chan Jing Fen (36 years old), started working at an insurance company earlier this year. The couple also has a three-year-old daughter to care for, and they also need to look after their elderly parents, one of whom suffers from spinal problems. With their income almost matching their expenses, they are unable to afford Jia Liang's surgery in full and have decided to seek assistance from One Hope Charity.

【The heart problem is complex, with inadequate oxygen levels causing breathlessness during walking, and the lips and fingertips turning blue. It is imperative not to delay the surgery any further】

9-year-old Akid Muqri bin Shazwan from Johor Bahru, Johor, was diagnosed with a heart condition during his mother's pregnancy. Born prematurely, many of his organs were underdeveloped, and his heart had a hole with a reversed structure. His stomach was positioned in the middle, and his pelvic bones were incomplete, causing his intestines to slide down when he cried or became too excited. Additionally, his hearing and vision were not optimal.

Akid required a one-month hospital stay shortly after birth, and he was readmitted due to a bacterial infection soon after discharge. Due to his heart condition, he underwent surgeries at the ages of 7 months and 2 years. Scheduled for another surgery at the age of 5, it was postponed several times due to the close proximity of his stomach and diaphragm to his heart.

His mother, Noor Fadzlin (36 years old), explained that Akid's complex heart condition resulted in prolonged oxygen deprivation, with his blood oxygen levels often ranging from 60 to 85. He would become breathless after walking short distances, and his lips and fingertips would turn blue.

Now 9 years old, Akid faces slow cognitive development and learning issues due to his heart condition. The surgery originally planned has been delayed for nearly 4 years. His parents are concerned that his heart may one day be unable to support his physical growth and have decided to seek medical treatment in Kuala Lumpur. After medical evaluation, it was determined that Akid suffers from congenital univentricular heart and pulmonary atresia, requiring urgent Fontan surgery.

His father, Shazwan (37 years old), works as an industrial hygiene and safety officer at a construction site, while his mother, Noor Fadzlin, is a housewife. Akid has a younger brother and sister, both of whom were also diagnosed with heart defects during their mother's pregnancy, but their defects closed on their own after birth.

As the main breadwinner, Akid's father's income is needed for rent, car loan repayments, education loans, the family's living expenses, financial support for grandparents who help care for the children, and Akid's medical expenses. In their financially strained situation, they cannot afford Akid's necessary surgery.

After a home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity decided to assist the two children in raising RM190,000 for their surgeries. The family agreed to entrust the fundraising activities to ONE HOPE CHARITY, which will also collect donations. Additionally, One Hope Charity will allocate RM10,000 from the Emergency Medical Fund for this case. For any inquiries, individuals can contact the hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations