Urgent Fundraising – Muhd Akiff & Nur Dyamia (Pacemaker)



Both children were diagnosed with heart conditions shortly after birth. They underwent surgery to implant pacemakers and have safely navigated the past 10 years. However, as they continue to grow, their pacemakers have started to exhibit issues. Upon reevaluation, it was discovered that the batteries are nearly depleted and must be replaced promptly. Failure to do so could lead to the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Their desperate parents are seeking assistance to cover the separate medical costs of RM20,000 for each child.

【Case 1:An 11-year-old boy was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at the age of 8 months due to difficulty in breathing and cyanosis (bluish skin discoloration). He underwent surgery and has successfully navigated through 11 years of life since then】

"Because of my illness, I hope to grow up to become a doctor and help people recover their health!"

Muhammad Akiff Zamani bin Rosmani, from Perak, faced a health challenge when he was just 8 months old. He had a persistent fever, and despite seeking medical attention, the hospital couldn't determine the cause. Worried parents decided to take him out of the hospital and sought further examination at a specialized medical center. It was there that it was confirmed that he had Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), both heart defects. He underwent surgery to repair these heart defects and had a pacemaker implanted.

Following the surgery, Akiff's life returned to normal. Doctors advised him to engage in active physical activities to stimulate his heart to beat naturally. His pacemaker would support his heart rhythm during sleep or illness.

Akiff is a talented archer, currently in the fifth grade, and started practicing archery a year ago. He even represents his school in competitions.

In October of this year, he suddenly fainted during a school meeting. After medical examination, it was discovered that his pacemaker's battery had depleted to 97%, leaving only 3% of its capacity. It urgently needs to be replaced; otherwise, there's a risk of his heart suddenly stopping.

His father, Rosmaini Bin Anjang (45 years old), is a technician with a monthly salary of RM3,630, while his mother, Farizan bt Ahmad Zar (37 years old), is a housewife who also takes on part-time tasks like transporting students to school, earning about RM1,200 a month to supplement the family's income. The couple also has a 13-year-old son. They are seeking assistance due to their inability to afford the necessary medical expenses.

【Case 2:The nearly depleted battery of the 10-year-old girl's pacemaker has caused her to lose her vitality.】

Nur Dyamia Batrisya bt Mohd Tarmizi, hailing from Bagan Serai, Perak, faced a health challenge at just two weeks old. She exhibited cyanosis (bluish skin discoloration), loss of appetite, and reluctance to drink milk. Medical examinations revealed a heart defect, and she was admitted to the hospital where she awaited surgery with the assistance of oxygen due to her weakened heart function. During the surgery to repair the heart defect, a pacemaker was implanted because her heart rhythm was weak.

Despite her congenital heart condition, Dyamia is an extremely active child who enjoys activities like drawing and dynamic games like dodgeball. Her heart condition is not apparent from her energetic demeanor.

Recently, Dyamia has been experiencing fatigue and excessive sleeping. During a follow-up appointment, the doctor informed her parents that the pacemaker's battery had depleted, and it can only last for a month before needing replacement. Failure to replace it would put her at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Her parents are seeking assistance as they are unable to cover the cost.

Her father, Mohd Tarmizi bin Umar (38 years old), is a civil servant with a monthly salary of RM3,351, while her mother, Hafiza bt Mohd Radzi (37 years old), is a housewife. The couple has four children, including Dyamia. The others are 12, 9, and 3 years old. Due to their heavy financial burden, they can only afford the follow-up appointment costs.

After consideration, One Hope Charity has decided to assist the family in raising the necessary medical expenses. The family has entrusted the fundraising activities to ONE HOPE CHARITY which will collect and manage the funds.

For any inquiries, you can contact the foundation hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

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