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"I can still live with only one kidney, so I want to donate one of my kidneys to my wife. My children and I cannot live without her. Our children need their mother, and I had promised to grow old with her. So, I will take care of her and be with her until the end of my life."

This is not a TV drama but a true love story from a former flight attendant in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

48-year-old Nahzatusshima Kamarudin was a flight attendant for Etihad Airways. Less than a year after her marriage, she fainted suddenly one day. She was shocked and devastated when the doctor told her she had end-stage kidney disease and needed long-term dialysis.

Fortunately, her husband was steadfast in loving her and decided to donate one of his kidneys to her. The husband doubled his exercise and managed his diet to be healthy for kidney donation. And now, the doctor confirmed that the couple is suitable for a living-donor kidney transplant, but they are still short of RM150,000 in surgical expenses. They are eagerly hoping for the public'spublic's assistance.

【The children are her belief and strength to stay strong】

Nahzatusshima was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was 37. Before the diagnosis, she once went to the doctor due to sudden soaring blood pressure and physical discomfort. At that time, the doctor told her that the protein in her kidney was high and she had a protein leaking problem. However, she did not take the matter seriously due to the lack of knowledge and information shortage.

One day, she suffered from continuous vomiting, her feet swelled, and she fainted suddenly. Her family sent her to the hospital immediately for treatment. The doctor explained her experiences were caused by kidney failure and that she needed long-term dialysis. The news was like a life imprisonment sentence to her as she knew nothing about kidney disease.

She was shocked as there was no family history of kidney disease. She was sad and kept blaming herself. She cried very often and suffered from depression for about two years.

"At that time, the doctor felt that I had been sluggish and asked me if I wanted to stay alive for my children. The words suddenly woke me up. My children need their mother, so I must be strong and stay positive. From then on, I went for my regular dialysis regardless of rain or shine."

【Let us grow old together. The husband accompanies her going through thick and thin and decides to donate a kidney for her】

With the sudden illness of his wife, who had been married for less than a year then, 47-year-old Jessri Hazril recalled that he carried his unconscious wife to the hospital for emergency treatment. He witnessed her being diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease, starting her dialysis journey, and now, she needs to go to the dialysis centre thrice a week. He admitted that his wife is powerful. She often drives to the dialysis centre, not allowing him to take her there.

About five years ago, the couple learned about kidney transplantation, so the husband told her wife that he intended to donate a kidney to her. However, she refused it then as the husband was the family's sole breadwinner. At the same time, they were deterred by the substantial surgical expenses.

When Nahzatusshima, who initially rejected to accept a kidney from her husband, found that her youngest son had excellent results, but the family had no money to continue his studies at university and needed to self-learn at home, she decided to go for the surgery. She wanted to find a job with a stable income for her family after she recovered.

【The husband and wife do not have stable job. They relied on freelance jobs and savings to cover their family'sfamily's expenses】

Nahzatusshima is now a freelancer, drafting marketing plans for her clients. Her husband, Jessri Hazril, was laid off during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and he is currently working as a freelancer with his wife.

The couple'scouple's 28-year-old eldest son, who previously worked in the retail industry, is looking for a job. Their youngest son, who is 23, is now self-learning about foreign exchange trading. The couple is bearing the main portion of their family'sfamily's expenses, but their income is unstable, so they sometimes need to rely on savings to survive.

In addition, although Socso partially fund Nahzatusshima's dialysis fee, the family must pay for the shortfall in her dialysis expenditures. The couple has no extra income for the kidney transplant. Hence, they approached One Hope Charity for help.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist Nahzatusshima Kamarudin and her husband in raising the kidney transplant expenses they needed so that she could recover as soon as possible and grow old with her husband.

Nahzatusshima Kamarudin and her family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishes on their behalf. Call One Hope Charity'sCharity's hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

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