Urgent Fundraising – Rainee Chin Yee Qian (Cochlear Implant)



Rainee Chin Yee Qian, a lovely four-year-old girl, has big eyes. She is constantly learning and imitating. She appears normal, but all she can do is babble. Her parents discovered she was not sensitive to sound when she was 1 year old. The results of the tests revealed that she was deaf in both ears. Her parents worked hard and waited in the government hospital for treatment.

Rainee is 4 years old and will begin kindergarten next year. Her worried parents sought advice from a specialist hospital. They were told that cochlear implant surgery for both ears is possible, but the cost can reach RM175,000. The family's financial capacity can only afford RM20,000, and there is still an RM155,000 shortfall for medical expenses to be covered.

【The child is deaf, and the mother blames herself, making acceptance of the facts even more difficult. She discovered, however, that the child has been living in a silent world with no sense of security. As a mother, she must remain strong and seek assistance】

Rainee, a one-year-old girl from Alor Setar, Kedah, was celebrating her first birthday. Her daughter did not respond when her mother noticed a balloon burst next to her. Furthermore, her daughter could not speak, and she began to suspect that she had hearing problems. When she took her daughter to the hospital for an examination because she gave birth in a government hospital, the doctor insisted that her daughter's hearing was tested and that there was no problem during her birth, and that she just spoke slowly so the mother did not have to worry.

Following that, the city was closed down due to the epidemic, and the doctor's visit was rescheduled. When the outbreak subsided, the mother took her daughter to a government clinic for an examination. The doctor on duty believed that the child did not have a hearing problem but might have autism, so he advised that the child be examined at a hospital. The department's doctor All autism-related factors and muscles were examined, and no abnormalities were discovered.

Rainee could only call her father when she was two years old and couldn't say anything else. The mother became concerned and took her daughter to the hospital for another examination, but the test was scheduled for another six months. The specialized hospital paid for the test at its own expense, and finally confirmed that the child was deaf in both ears, but the child responded when he tried wearing a hearing aid.

The doctor recommended that Rainee have cochlear implantation as soon as possible so that she can learn language and vocabulary during her prime time of babbling and catch up with her learning progress.

Mother Lee Li Ping stated that they purchased insurance while pregnant, but they were later informed that the child was born deaf and that the insurance would not cover the cost of cochlear implant surgery. The parents were disheartened, made worse by the fact that their child was deaf. After soliciting feedback from all parties, the mother was forced to actively seek assistance.

Father Chin Hong Zhen (26 years old) is a car repair technician with a salary of about RM3,600, and mother Lee Li Ping (27 years old) is a secretary with a salary of RM1,800. This is the only child of the couple.

The family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call our hotline at 016-419 2192 or 019-232 2192.

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