Urgent Fundraising – Santhanamary (Breast Cancer)



“I still want to spend time with my family and care for my grandchildren. I also wish to travel around and enjoy my twilight years. However, these wishes have become a luxury after I suffered from cancer. Please help me with RM40,000 for my medication.”

66-year-old Santhanamary A/P Maikkal Das from Kulim, Kedah, discovered that her nipple was sunk in 2021. She felt something amiss and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor diagnosed her with stage IV breast cancer, and the cancer cells had spread to her lungs. She didn’t feel uncomfortable then, but her breathing was not smooth sometimes.

After the woman had cancer, she had completed two years of treatment. A series of treatments have exhausted her children’s savings, and she also applied for aid from the hospital’s welfare department. And now, the doctor suggested she undergo targeted therapy, but her family can only afford RM18,000, so they are seeking help for the shortfall of RM40,000.

【A series of treatments caused the patient to suffer from hair loss, vomiting, loss of taste, bone pain, dry and cracked hands and feet, and blurred vision. Fortunately, the treatments were effective and prevented the cancer cells from spreading. As the benefits of treatments outweigh the risks, the doctor recommends she continue treatment】

After Santhanamary had breast cancer, the doctor referred her to the general hospital for treatment. After a series of chemotherapy treatments, the doctor told her that there was nothing much that could be done. The family did not give up, and finally, they found a targeted drug therapy plan, which included eight courses of targeted drug treatment every three weeks, to take eight courses of oral drugs and undergo a CT scan once every three months. The cost for a year is RM58,000.

After two years of treatment, her condition improved and under control. However, she experienced various side effects such as loss of taste, bone pain, dry and cracked hands and feet and blurred vision.

After learning that she has cancer, the patient knows that her mood will affect her condition, so she accepts the fact and receives treatment positively. She hopes to maintain an optimistic attitude so that she can have a chance to recover and can spend more time with her family.

The patient worked as a clerk for 37 years. Her 75-year-old husband, Thiruchelvam A/L Christopher, is a retiree. The couple has three children but have exhausted their savings for their mother’s treatment for the past two years. And now, they could not afford the medical expenses. Hence, they approached One Hope Charity for help.

After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity decided to raise all the medical expenditures that Santhanamary needed. Her family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations