Urgent Fundraising – Sim Jun Ee (Scoliosis)



He had scoliosis but was mistakenly treated as a hunchback. Recently, he suffered from breathing difficulty and loss of appetite, so he went to the hospital for a check. An examination revealed that his spine was 90 degrees curved and needed corrective surgery as soon as possible to prevent organs from failing due to compression.

Many years ago, Sim Jun Ee’s teacher discovered the spine of the now 17-year-old boy was curved. However, when he went to see a doctor, he only asked him not to carry heavy stuff and to avoid excessive exercise. Last year, he felt pain in his back and chest, and the chest bone also protruded into his abdomen. He went for a test and was confirmed with 90-degree scoliosis. His family was shocked.

The doctor informed he needed surgery as soon as possible. Otherwise, the curve in his spine will worsen and compress his internal organs. If the spine presses on his lungs, he might have difficulty breathing, whilst compression at the stomach will cause digestive issues. The doctor also said that if he delays the surgery, the risk will increase or even threaten his life. However, the surgical expenses were RM60,000, and his mother could only afford RM20,000. They sought help for the shortfall of RM40,000.

【He has protruding shoulder blades and was mistakenly treated as a hunchback. To avoid strange eyes from the others, Jun Ee always wears a T-shirt with a jacket to cover up the protruding shoulder blades. He also feels inferior due to his outlook】

When Jun Ee, a teenager from Penang, was 14 years old, his teacher noticed his spine was abnormal. At that time, his father brought him to a clinic to see a doctor, but the doctor only told him not to carry heavy stuff and get involved in excessive exercise and sports and did not give any further advice.

Last year, he discovered a protruding bone in his abdomen, and he would feel pain in his upper body, spine and chest when he was tired. Later, he also suffered from breathing difficulty and loss of appetite. His family members bought a back cushion for him to lie on to soothe the soreness in his back.

His aunt also noticed that her nephew’s spine was curved, so she told Jun Ee’s mother. His mother sought online opinions from netizens and later brought him to the hospital for treatment. The doctor confirmed that he had 90-degree scoliosis and needed urgent surgery. Otherwise, his condition will worsen, and the spine will eventually compress his internal organs. Any delay in the corrective surgery will also increase the risk.

Due to the curve in his spine and the protruding bone in his abdomen, he dared not exercise, even for simple exercises like running or jumping. He hopes that he can resume a normal life after the surgery.

His 54-year-old father, Sim Thean Soo, is a roadside hawker, earning slightly more than RM1,000 monthly. His 47-year-old mother, Ong Guat Khim, works as a kitchen assistant in Singapore with a basic salary of S$1,600. The couple has divorced. Their 19-year-old eldest son is studying medicine in Kuala Lumpur, while Jun Ee and his 11-year-old sister are living with their aunt.

As the mother needed to pay for the education and living expenses of his elder brother and younger sister, Jun Ee was sensible and did not want to increase the financial burden on his mother. He chose to stop schooling and started working. He is an administrative staff with a monthly salary of RM1,600. His mother can only afford RM20,000, and they are seeking help for the remaining amount for his surgery.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist Jun Ee in raising the medical expenses he needed. He and his family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations