Urgent Fundraising – Tan Chee Yap (Nursing Home & Medical Expenses)



At only 23 years old, Tan Chee Yap's future was once promising, like many other young people, filled with dreams. However, an accident left him with severe head and spinal injuries. He spent two months in the hospital, where the blood clots in his brain were cleared, but he was left paralyzed from the waist down, unable to care for himself. While insurance covers medical expenses, approval from social insurance for physical therapy and diaper costs is pending. Furthermore, he will require long-term care after discharge.

Living in Lunas, Kedah, Tan Chee Yap fell from the first floor and was urgently hospitalized. After two months, he was discharged, but he requires regular cleaning of his tracheostomy tube and daily wound care for severe bedsores. Due to the need for constant attention and turning, doctors recommended finding a nursing home for him. However, the substantial follow-up expenses have put a strain on his family. After assessment, the foundation decided to raise funds totaling RM 145,000 for nursing home care and future medical expenses.

【After the young man accidentally fell from a building, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, with his life hanging by a thread. He underwent a 13-hour surgery, fighting for his life, before finally being successfully revived】

Tan Chee Yap, a waiter at a restaurant, accidentally fell from the first floor while working in October last year. Upon being taken to the hospital, doctors discovered he had suffered a brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures throughout his body. The next day, he was taken into the operating room for a grueling 13-hour surgery before being transferred to the intensive care unit for observation.

According to Tan Chee Yap's elder sister, her brother remained unconscious after the fall. When she received the notification and rushed to the hospital, his condition was critical. After detailed examinations, doctors informed the family of the severity of his brain and spinal injuries, cautioning them to be prepared for the worst. Tan's family could only plead with the doctors to do their utmost.

Following the extensive 13-hour surgery, doctors stabilized Chee Yap by addressing his neck fractures and clearing the intracranial hemorrhage. Although temporarily out of danger, he remained in the hospital's intensive care unit for two months, during which he experienced seizures.

Once his condition stabilized, doctors permitted his discharge but recommended placement in a nursing home. This decision was due to severe bedsores, as well as the tracheostomy he underwent, which requires regular cleaning and physical therapy. Moreover, he requires long-term care that his family is unable to provide, prompting them to search for a suitable nursing home despite financial constraints.

Currently, Chee Yap is conscious, able to speak and chew food, but has no sensation in his lower body, lacks control over bowel and bladder movements, and has weak hands, rendering him unable to care for himself. According to doctors, his main spinal cord injury requires an extended rehabilitation period involving physical therapy and relies heavily on the patient's willpower.

Prior to the accident, Chee Yap worked as a waiter, while his father (55 years old), worked as a plumbing laborer, earning approximately RM600 per month. His mother (49 years old), works as a coffee server, earning around RM1500 per month. The couple has six children, with Chee Yap being the fifth. They lack the financial means to support his medical expenses and have sought assistance.

Following a home visit assessment, One Hope Charity decided to assist Tan Chee Yap in raising the necessary funds. His family has entrusted the fundraising activities to the One Hope Charity to collect donations on his behalf. For any inquiries, individuals can contact the foundation hotline at 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations