Urgent Fundraising – Tan Chui Yu (Cochleae Implant)

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Before he is a month old, his parents realized that he is not responding to the sound of firecrackers and thunder. Hence, they brought him for medical diagnosis several time and he was then diagnosed with hearing loss. This means that their son will not be able to talk in the future.

Tan Chui Yu, 1 and a half years old who is from Johor is unable to hear any sound. After he was diagnosed, his parents brought him around Malaysia to seek for medical treatment. The only treatment which is available for him is to undergo artificial cochleae implant surgery. The surgery should be performed soonest possible to avoid affecting his speech-learning progression.

Doctor has confirmed that his condition can be improved by artificial cochleae surgery. The surgery can be performed on both of his ears at the same time. The cost for a pair of artificial cochleae is RM149,600. The surgery will cost RM24,000. His parents is unable to bear the huge expenses and came forward to seek help from One Hope Charity, hoping that the generous public can lend a helping hand.

[He is not responsive towards the sound produced by firecrackers. His parents suspected about his hearing condition and started to seek medical diagnosis]

Tan Chui Yu was born in 18th Jan 2020. During Chinese New Year when he is less than a month old, he is not responding towards the sound of firecrackers and thunder. As a result, they went to ENT for diagnosis and went for checkups in different hospitals.

His parents are very concern about his condition and had travelled from Johor to Penang to seek for medical advice. Doctor suggested to try using hearing aid but this did not helped him to learn speaking. Further, long-term usage of hearing aid will reduce the sensitivity of hearing.

His parents then got an official diagnosis from ENT unit of Hospital University Malaysia that their son is suitable to undergo artificial cochleae implant surgery. Doctor also advised that the surgery should be performed soonest to avoid affecting his speech learning. After surgery, a series of speech therapy will be done to help him in pronunciations.

His father, Tan Yen Peng, 42, was a merchandiser delivery man. He lost his job as his company was badly hit by Covid-19 pandemic last year. He works as a part-time delivery driver currently with an unstable income. His mother, Zhang Bao Hong, 31, is a China nationality and is a housewife.

His family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public.

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