Urgent Fundraising – Yap Yu Shao (Pneumonia & Multiple Atrial Tachycardia)



"I am under immense pressure, worrying about my wife's postpartum condition and emotions, as well as the child's illness and the substantial medical expenses. Meanwhile, I also have to juggle work, and on top of it all, my father passed away due to cancer. Please, I seek help from everyone."

Yap Yu Shao, a newborn baby from Ipoh, Perak, was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit due to rapid breathing after birth. Doctors preliminarily discovered incomplete expansion of the baby's lungs and diagnosed him with neonatal pneumonia. Further diagnosis revealed multiple atrial tachycardia, requiring at least two weeks of treatment in the incubator.

The unexpected news has deeply shaken the new parents, turning their joyful anticipation into worrisome concern for the child's health. The subsequent overwhelming medical expenses have left the new parents feeling helpless, and they seek assistance for the medical fees totaling RM90,000.

【The father is deeply concerned about the newborn baby's health and the substantial medical expenses. Moreover, facing the reality of his father's cancer-related death has added to the emotional burden. The series of challenges has nearly overwhelmed the father of the newborn baby】

After successfully conceiving our first child following our marriage last year, the expected due date was January 27. Due to the mother's fragile health and the baby being larger than average, the doctor scheduled a cesarean section on January 13. However, on January 3, the baby arrived unexpectedly. The mother's amniotic fluid broke, and she was given lower-body anesthesia before an emergency cesarean section was performed. The baby was born weighing 3.92 kilograms.

The long-awaited arrival of our baby turned into a worrying situation as the newborn, despite the mother's tears of joy, was found to be breathing rapidly. The baby was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit and assisted with oxygen. Upon examination, the doctors discovered that the baby's lungs were not fully expanded, and there was a bacterial infection. The baby is expected to remain hospitalized for at least two weeks.

Once the bacterial infection is under control, the doctors also identified irregularities in the baby's heartbeat, making the situation more complicated.

Due to the inadequate functionality of the baby's lungs and the presence of a substantial amount of phlegm, the mother, Soo Li Yin (30 years old), feels a deep sense of guilt and self-blame. In December of last year, she was hospitalized with a fever and was discharged after ruling out COVID-19 and pneumonia. These events may have contributed to the complications observed in the baby after birth.

"I can only do my best to breastfeed and enhance the baby's resistance. The doctors recommend kangaroo care, and I can only comply with their instructions, hoping for the baby's condition to stabilize and recover."

The father, Yap Zhi Yong (33 years old), is a supervisor at a tire shop with a monthly salary of RM4,000. The mother, Soo Li Yin (30 years old), works as an administrative officer with a monthly salary of RM3,000. The father had already paid for the delivery expenses and the fees for the confinement center. However, the family has borrowed 10,000 RM to cover the initial medical expenses and now seeks assistance in raising the remaining RM90,000.

After thorough verification, One Hope Charity has decided to assist in raising the necessary medical funds for the baby. The parents have agreed to entrust the fundraising activities to the One Hope Charity & Welfare, which will also collect the donations. One Hope Charity will allocate RM5,000 from the "Emergency Medical Reserve Fund". For any inquiries, please contact One Hope Charity hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations