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Tablet Contribution For Education

Jan 11 - Full Day

As the education ministry of Malaysia decided to move the classes to online, certain poor students do not have the chance to study and had affected their education.

One Hope Charity had used RM235,000 to purchase 350 units of tablets to be contributed to 20 schools in Seberang Tengah. We also include RM100 ang pao for each students to pay their fees and buying stationaries.

We understand that poor students may not have access to internet for online classes. Certain students need to borrow their parents phone at night to study. As a result, we had decided to contribute tablet.

Due to the outbreak of covid-19 and to reduce crowd, One Hope Charity had passed the tablet to each school. The schools will pass the tablet to students.

The selected student’s name list were provided by the principal of each school. The tablet were pass to them in 11th Jan in Jit Sin High School’s conference room.

We hope that the students will utilize the tab for education purpose but not for gaming. As a result, we encourage the students to send us articles on how the tablet had helped them in education. At the same time, this will increase their gratefulness towards the help of the society.

20 schools are benefiting from this program which includes 16 SJKC school and 4 SMK schools. 16 SJKC schools include SJKC Kubang Semang, SJKC Perkampungan Berapit, SJKC Jit Sin A, SJKC Jit Sin B, SJKC Kim Sen, SJKC Beng Teik Pusat, SJKC Permatang Tinggi, SJKC Keow Kuang, SJKC Sungai Lembu, SJKC True Light, SJKC Sin Ya, SJKC Kay Sin, SJKC Peng Bin, SJKC Lay Keow, SJKC Seng Keow, SJKC Chung Hwa 3; SMK schools includes SMK Berapit, SMK Jalan Damai, SMJK Jit Sin and SMJK Jit Sin II SPS.

Besides these schools, One Hope Charity also reserved certain number of units for other cases. For instance, when we do home visit and realized that there are children who requires to attend online classes, we will provide this assistance to them.

We truly appreciate and thank the generous donors who contributed and supported us all these while.







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