2022 Health Carnival organized by One Hope Charity which had taken place for 2 days had ended. In lieu of Father’s Day (19th June), many had brought their family here for screenings.

Before the outbreak, the health carnival received much positive feedback as it provided needy families with health screenings and treatments. This year, the quota had been increased to 2000 pax of blood screening for the needy and 1000 pairs of spectacles for poor and low-income students. Besides, 20 more screenings, activities, and health talks are also open to the public for free.

Many had come forward during father’s day especially low-income families for the health screening. Some of them brought their children for eyesight checkups.

The whole event ended with the order. Especially thanking the volunteers who had come forward to help us and serve the crowd. Besides, a thousand of appreciation towards the medical team from government hospitals, sponsors, and volunteer units who spend their precious time serving the public.

One Hope Charity would like to thank the generous public who supported us all this while.