The FUSE FOUNDATION, established by the AIMST University Medical Student, donated RM800 to ONE HOPE CHARITY after deducting expenses from the previous year's activities.

Ang Li Ming, chairman of FUSE FOUNDATION, and members of the board of directors visited ONE HOPE CHARITY and handed over the activity funds to ONE HOPE CHARITY as charitable funds.

Chairman Ang Li Ming stated that he has been following ONE HOPE CHARITY's Facebook and trends in the past, understands how the association operates, and agrees with and supports transparent operations, so he wants to support ONE HOPE CHARITY by donating money to the student union to help the disadvantaged groups.

He stated that the FUSE Foundation was founded by students, primarily to donate the proceeds from previous organizing activities.

ONE HOPE CHARITY is grateful to all medical school students for their support and trust. We also promise to put the donation to good use by assisting those in need. Thank you for your confidence and support!