Unable to work due to his heart condition, Alias bin Mohd Yunos felt guilty as his children had to stop schooling to help support the family. He expressed regret about this situation. Once he undergoes surgery and sees improvement in his health, he is determined to ensure that his children can resume their education, especially because they have good academic performance.

Alias, a 49-year-old man from Malacca, had been hospitalized twice due to heart attacks. After undergoing various detailed examinations, he has finally been scheduled for surgery on November 10. He hopes that the surgery will restore his health, allowing him to shoulder the responsibilities of being the head of the family.

He admitted that his health had deteriorated significantly after falling ill, leading him to feel worthless. However, with the support of ONE HOPE CHARITY, he found renewed hope in life and regained the will to fight for survival, actively seeking medical attention.

Grateful for the timely assistance from the community that successfully raised the required medical expenses of RM67,400, Alias promised to not only take care of his family but also contribute to charity and help vulnerable groups in the future as a way of giving back to society.