Date: 21/03/2023, 9am

Case: Lau Fong Yin (Shelter & Medical Fee)

Allocation Amount: RM8,625

Case Needed Amount: RM8,625

Amount Before: RM77,528 (21/03/2023, 9am)

Balance After: RM68,957 (21/03/2023, 9am)

After her husband had mobility issues following the amputation of his toes due to diabetes, a 61-year-old woman, Lau Fong Yin, from Kampar, Perak, had to ride a motorcycle to different markets every day to sell homemade pastries and dumplings to earn a living. However, she met with an accident at Tapah at the end of December last year. Not only did the food she was supposed to ell fall on the floor, but the force of the impact caused her to faint on the spot and lose a lot of blood.

She had multiple fractures all over her body. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time. After three lengthy surgeries, her condition turned stable. However, she needs plaster casts on her hands and feet, so she cannot care for herself. She also needs to use adult diapers. The doctor estimates she needs at least five months to recover. She needs to undergo simple physiotherapy, and she needs to resume the strength in her hand and learn to use crutches to walk.

Fong Yin and her 64-year-old husband have four children, two of whom have maintained close contact. Their second daughter is married to a lorry driver, moved to Cameron Highland, and has two young-aged children. Her third son got married in September last year, and he is living with his wife in Kuala Lumpur. He works in a spare parts factory.

Considering her children are at the outstation, her husband is sick, and she needs to clean her wound regularly, Fong Yin was sent to a nursing home in Kampar for a temporary stay — the nursing home accommodation fee and wound cleaning fee sum up to RM1,725 a month. In addition to bearing their household expenses, they also need to pay for xxx's medical and living expenses. So, it is difficult for them to take Fong Yin's expenditures for nursing care. Hence, they approached One Hope Charity for help.

After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity decided to channel RM8,625 from the "Emergency Medical Reserve Fund" to pay Fong Yin's nursing home accommodation and wound cleaning expenses for five months. One Hope Charity will also donate 20 packets of adult diapers to Fong Yin to help alleviate her family's financial burden.

One Hope Charity is grateful to the public for their generous donations so the foundation can provide immediate help to those in need at critical moments. We also hope the public can pray that her condition will gradually improve.