"We are very grateful and moved by your donations, care, and blessings. Seeing how people from all races come together to help my child, we are truly thankful to all of you."

Newborn baby Amarjeet Singh A/L Keramjeet Singh has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and his condition is critical. He has been referred to a specialized hospital for surgery. With anxious hearts, his parents sought help and finally managed to raise the required medical expenses. The surgery date is now being arranged.

Amarjeet Singh is still receiving antibiotic treatment in the hospital's intensive care unit. Once his condition is stable, the doctors will proceed with the surgery.

With the necessary funds now raised for their baby boy, the parents are immensely grateful for the support from the community, giving their child a chance to live. Besides expressing their gratitude for the timely assistance from the public, they also hope for a smooth surgery and for their baby to safely overcome this challenging phase.