65-year-old Wan Guochang underwent coronary angiography and angioplasty at the National Heart Center on June 26th. The angiogram confirmed that his three coronary arteries were blocked at a range of 70-80%. The doctors successfully cleared the blocked vessels and prescribed medication for his recovery.

According to Wan Guochang's son, the doctors informed them that one of the arteries required balloon angioplasty to open it, and it would take approximately six months to a year for full recovery. The other two arteries would be managed through medication. Finally, his father can be free from heart disease, resume his daily activities, and at the very least, return home to enjoy family time without the need to sleep in the warehouse anymore.

Wan Guochang experienced chest pain and shortness of breath due to his blocked coronary arteries, necessitating prompt medical intervention. After resolving his heart condition, he hopes to continue contributing to society and helping others in need, using the opportunity to give back for the assistance he has received. He expresses his gratitude to everyone.