In conjunction with Brain Awareness Month, the Neurosurgery Society from Penang General Hospital will be hosting brain awakening seminars and exhibitions every Sunday in August. They urge the public to actively attend and learn about neurological system function disorders and diseases.

Organizing this "Brain and Neurological System Function" educational roadshow aims primarily to increase awareness among individuals about disorders and diseases affecting the neurological system, thereby promoting early prevention and treatment.

Furthermore, through these roadshows, the public will gain insights into various brain-related illnesses. Additionally, they encourage people to engage in proactive self-health checks and care to detect, prevent, and treat brain function disorders and diseases at an early stage.

We express gratitude for the invitation extended to the Chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY, Dato' Chua Sui Hau, and members attended the opening ceremony held at Penang Youth Park last Sunday.

The next three roadshow events will take place on August 13th at Gurney Plaza, August 20th at Sunway Carnival Mall, and August 27th at Batu Kawan Central Park.

For those interested in understanding information about stroke, brain tumors, brain trauma, spine trauma and related diseases, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, as well as post-recovery care, you can visit the respective locations on the mentioned dates. Specialized doctors and medical personnel will be available on-site for consultations.