"Thank you all for not only leading me out of the silent world but also assisting me in resolving my citizenship issue. I have finally escaped a stateless life!"

Around 11 months after undergoing a cochlear implant surgery, 19-year-old Chan Kar Kei visited the Chairman, Dato' Chua Sui Hau, along with her family. She expressed gratitude for the blessings and support from kind-hearted individuals, which enabled her to successfully undergo the surgery and significantly improve her hearing, as well as gain more confidence.

Furthermore, Kar Kei brought along good news that her issue with Malaysian citizenship had been successfully resolved. She happily presented her identification card to everyone, declaring that she had finally bid farewell to a non-citizen life. With the national examinations concluded, she is now pursuing her interest in baking by enrolling in a baking course in Ipoh.

Kar Kei and her family also extended their heartfelt gratitude by donating the full amount of RM1,200, accumulated through a monthly savings of RM100, to One Hope Charity. They hope that their contribution can assist more individuals in need and extend the blessings Kar Kei has received.

Originally from Perak's Kampar, Kar Kei was a bilateral hearing loss patient who wore hearing aids, but her hearing gradually deteriorated. Her foster mother, Wong Soon Chong, sells pastries from home and earns a monthly income of over a thousand ringgit. The two of them relied on each other for support and were unable to bear the substantial cost of a cochlear implant surgery.

With the assistance of One Hope Charity in March last year, funds were raised for the surgery to implant a cochlear implant in her right ear. With the support of generous individuals, she underwent the implantation and activation in July, followed by language therapy, which helped improve her expressive abilities.

On the other hand, after being abandoned by her biological parents, Kar Kei was adopted and raised by her foster mother, Wong Soon Chong. However, when she applied for her identification card at the age of 12, her birth certificate was inexplicably confiscated by the relevant authorities, forcing her to live with a non-citizen status. Therefore, this foundation also assisted in liaising with the relevant departments to address this issue.