During this critical moment, One Hope Charity, after understanding the situation of Chan Mooi, who suffered a sudden cerebral vascular blockage, urgently reviewed and approved the case. Chan Mooi was immediately taken into surgery upon transfer to the specialized hospital, and the operation was successful. She is currently under observation in the intensive care unit.

Her son, Wong Fatt Ming (42 years old), admits that if his mother is no longer with him, he would be left all alone in this world. Therefore, if there is a chance to save and treat his mother, he hopes she can undergo surgery and recover.

The stroke that befell his mother left him feeling helpless, and he is uncertain about her condition after the surgery. He can only take things one step at a time. He is not only grateful to One Hope Charity for extending a helping hand in a timely manner but also appreciates the assistance from the public, which has helped him get through this challenging period and temporarily saved his mother's life.