Hailing from Johor, Chan Shiau Yih, a primary school teacher, had a two-curve spinal scoliosis, with the upper part curving up to 83 degrees and the lower part curving to 68 degrees. This condition affected the functioning of her internal organs including the lungs, kidneys, and intestines. After undergoing a surgery lasting approximately 4 hours, Chan Shiau Yih successfully completed the scoliosis procedure, addressing her long-standing issue of spinal curvature.

Her surgery was scheduled for July 12th, and following a day of rest in the ward, she was allowed to get out of bed. The doctors recommended the use of a back support brace for the next 6 months to alleviate back pain and support her spine. Considering the modest financial situation of Chan Shiau Yih and her family, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to assist them in purchasing this support brace, ensuring her path to recovery is well-supported.

Chan Wai Chua, her husband, expressed profound gratitude for the blessings and assistance from all quarters, promising to give back to society once their household's financial situation improves. He intends to pass on this kindness and goodwill to those in need.

During her growth years, Chan Shiau Yih had a scoliosis of over 40 degrees. Doctors had recommended surgery at the time; however, due to the lack of advanced technology back then, her family chose not to proceed with the operation, opting for physical therapy instead. As she grew into adulthood, marriage and pregnancy led to a significant loss of calcium, accelerating the worsening of her spinal curvature over the past few years.