The condition of the baby girl, Chong Jia Xing, is critical. The doctors have scheduled her surgery for August 21st. Please continue to support and cheer for the baby, hoping for a successful surgery.

The 4-month-old baby girl, Chong Jia Xing from Bukit Mertajam, Penang, is currently in the hospital's intensive care unit, relying on oxygen support. She will be transferred to another hospital for various tests on August 19th and will undergo surgery on August 21st (Monday).

"We appreciate the opportunity you've given our child to fight for her life. Despite being only 4 months old, Jia Xing possesses strong determination. With blessings and support from all directions, we believe she will successfully overcome this challenge."

The parents and the situation of baby Jia Xing have garnered attention and assistance from the public, managing to raise the required RM110,000 in 5 hours. The parents are extremely grateful for the donations, allowing baby Jia Xing to undergo surgery during this critical time.

The parents' ultimate hope is for Jia Xing to no longer need oxygen support after the surgery and to be able to reunite with her grandparents at home.

Jia Xing is the much-anticipated blessing for her parents. However, shortly after birth, her whole body turned blue, and her oxygen saturation levels dropped significantly. She has been on respiratory support in the intensive care unit for the past 4 months. Throughout this time, her parents have been steadfastly supporting her, learning how to feed her and change her diapers. Thanks to the collective efforts of the community, they express their gratitude, and they wish for the baby's successful surgery.