“We are very thankful for everyone's donations and blessings. Even though Man Him cannot speak or communicate right now, we hope that after the surgery, he can hear sounds like a normal person and communicate just like anyone else.”

With the amount needed for Man Him's bilateral cochlear implant already raised, his mother, Low Sik Yee (40 years old), and father, Choong Yik Wei (42 years old), are incredibly happy. They also hope that, once their family's financial situation stabilizes, they can give back to those in need in the community.

In addition to expressing their gratitude to the public for their donations, the family is also deeply appreciative of Sin Yee's kindness, which has brought Man Him out of his silent world.

Man Him, from Srikembangan, Selangor, was an Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) baby with hearing impairment, and hearing aids couldn't help him hear sounds. After various examinations and tests, doctors determined that his bilateral cochlear implants were suitable and that there was a chance he could hear sounds. Following language therapy, he will be able to speak.

One Hope Charity will continue to monitor the progress of Man Him's bilateral cochlear implant surgery, hoping that he can complete the surgery and treatment as soon as possible and step into the world of sound, catching up with other children of his age in their learning journey. One Hope Charity is immensely grateful to all the kind-hearted individuals who generously extended their helping hand when Man Him's parents were in need.