"I have received all your well-wishes, and I have seen your feedback. Regardless, I am very grateful for everyone's attention, care, and donations. As for the feedback, I will take it as a form of refinement and advice. After I graduate, I will definitely utilize my skills to continue assisting other marginalized groups, as a way to give back to society for the love and support I've received."

At 28 years old, Chua Sin Yee, pursuing a master's degree in architecture, previously worked in an architectural firm after completing her bachelor's degree, earning around RM2,000. After some time, she realized that her qualifications were insufficient to become a qualified architect. This prompted her to apply for a master's program.

Both her bachelor's and master's tuition fees are sponsored by the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN). However, she still needs to cover living expenses, miscellaneous fees, materials like blueprints, various modeling materials, art and design supplies, which can add up to a considerable amount. As a single mother, she had no extra savings, and her summer job earnings were insufficient to cover expenses beyond tuition.

During her breaks, she took on part time jobs, but during the academic day, she focused on her studies. She knows this opportunity is not to be taken for granted, so she cherishes it and works hard to give back to society.

Education can change one's destiny, and after graduation, Chua Sin Yee will become the economic support for her family. She will also need to cover household expenses and is hopeful about improving the family's financial situation.

With the required education fees of a total of RM58,200 already raised, she no longer has to worry about living expenses, course-related costs, and materials. This allows her to focus on her demanding studies and hopes to contribute to community service after graduating.

After initiating a fundraising campaign, One Hope Charity have received feedback from kind-hearted individuals willing to support Sin Yee's monthly living expenses. We thank these compassionate individuals for their generous support. It's a gift of love, and we hope she will pass on the love she receives and wish her a bright future.