"I hope that after the implantation of the cochlear implant, Zi Jie's academic performance and daily life will continue to improve."

Single mother Tey Ai Pey, upon receiving the news that the funds for Zi Jie's right ear cochlear implant have been raised, expresses her gratitude for the blessings and support given by the public. She hopes that in the future, she will have the opportunity to give back to society and pass on this love to another person in need.

With the required funds for Zi Jie's right ear cochlear implant fully raised, the hospital will proceed with the necessary procedures to ensure that he can undergo this important surgery as soon as possible. One Hope Charity extends its thanks to all kind-hearted individuals and wishes for Zi Jie to catch up with his peers' growth after the surgery and achieve outstanding accomplishments in various aspects such as school and extracurricular activities.

Since a young age, 8-year-old Zi Jie has suffered from severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and has been using bilateral hearing aids. He underwent a cochlear implant surgery for his left ear at the age of 3. Considering his long-term development, Tey Ai Pey hopes to have a cochlear implant for his right ear to avoid relying solely on one ear and requesting others to cooperate, which could potentially affect his learning and growth process.