This is a very heartwarming and inspiring story. Two years ago, ONE HOPE CHARITY established the first NGO-operated COVID-19 vaccination center in the Penang Juru Auto City, benefiting thousands of people.

An unfamiliar woman, Norsiah bt Hashim (60 years old), got to know ONE HOPE CHARITY through the vaccination center and started paying attention to the organization's news and operations. Now, when the time is right, she has finally stepped into ONE HOPE CHARITY's service building and made a donation to give back to society, helping those in need from three major ethnic groups.

Norsiah resides in Bukit Mertajam, having been adopted by a Malay family since childhood. She currently works as an insurance broker. Two years ago, she received a notification through the My Sejahtera App to get vaccinated in the Juru Auto City. Since then, she has been in contact with ONE HOPE CHARITY and has learned about the organization's scope of services and operations through brochures.

Despite her financial limitations at the time, she always had a desire to give back to society. As her financial situation improved, she decided to help marginalized groups from three major ethnicities. While there are many charitable organizations, she chose to trust ONE HOPE CHARITY because she knew that this organization has consistently provided strong support and has always upheld principles of honesty and kindness. Today, she has taken action by visiting ONE HOPE CHARITY's office building to make a charitable donation.

Her act of kindness is an inspiration that can motivate more people to spread love. We appreciate her trust and hope that her charitable act will inspire more people to support charitable causes, helping those less fortunate. The spirit of giving to society and taking from society will continue to spread warmth and hope.