In order to reduce the workload of medical frontliners, One Hope Charity once again donated self-assessment medical equipment to three prisons and detention centre in Penang.

One Hope Charity received an assistance request from Penang Prison Department to get 12 units of blood pressure meters, 30 units of thermometers and 60 units of oximeters, so that 4,300 prisoners and wardens could use the equipment to carry out self-examinations.

Chief of State Prison Department, Roslan bin Mohamed said that Penang has two prisons and an isolation centre detaining a total of 3,500 prisoners. In addition, the three detention centres housed around 800 detainees and wardens. Therefore, the department needs some medical equipment for prisoners to undergo self-examination.

He was very grateful to One Hope Charity for donating 60,000 pieces of face masks to two prisons in Penang in October last year, as well as the donation of self-assessment equipment recently. One Hope Charity advisor Datuk Seri R. Arunasalam and chairman Chua Sui Hau have handed over the medical equipment to Penang Prison Department and the items will be distributed to the three detention centres.

Before receiving the medical equipment, prison wardens would have to send prisoners to the hospitals for examinations on a regular basis. With the self-assessment equipment, self-test could be conducted, and it would indirectly reduce the burden and workload of medical frontliners.

Donation of 60,000 face masks to two prisons in Penang