Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat, a well-known local shop in Penang for over 30 years, recently donated another RM10,000 to the ONE HOPE CHARITY to help two patients get through this difficult time.

The country has been dealing with the epidemic for two years, which has had a negative impact on many small and medium enterprises. However, this has not deterred the owner of Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat from continuing to do charitable work. The owner donated RM 5,000 to Nur Qistina Batrisya bt Zamri, a young girl suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Kwee Jun Jie, a 22-year-old Crohn's disease patient, also received RM 5,000.

Madam Kau, a representative of Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat, recently visited our service centre and presented the donations to ONE HOPE CHARITY. At the same time, she wished them a healthy recovery.

Lim Chin Heng Dried Meat has always emphasized the importance of doing honorable deeds in the past. Regular funding will be distributed each year to assist underprivileged groups in society, regardless of economic prosperity or hardship. ONE HOPE CHARITY is extremely thankful to the charitable foundations for their efforts on behalf of the patients' families and for the warmth they have brought to society, and we hope that this attitude will serve as an example for others.