ONE HOPE CHARITY support the members of the Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Malaysia (SBM) Pulau Pinang with donated 150 boxes of "Food Box with Love" worth of RM200. The blind can feel the warmth of the society!

Dato’ Chua Sui Hau, Chairman of the foundation, mentioned that many sectors allowed to operate but the blind are more working in industries of massage, street performance, art performance and selling handicrafts are not fully recovered. Therefore, their income is affected and not to cope with the current living expenses, especially the blind who have family.

He highlighted that the foundation has always spent effort to support the disabled person and special groups. After receiving request from the Association, we know that majority of the members are engage in massage industry. Therefore, the Food Box includes dry food for daily needs and anti-epidemic supplies such as medical masks and no rinse hand sanitizer. It is hope that can help the blind and family to tide over the difficulties temporarily. Meanwhile to let them feel secure brought by society.

Dato’ Chua Sui Hau handed over "Food Box with Love" to the Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Malaysia (SBM) Pulau Pinang at the membership meeting held on Sunday (14th November).

ONE HOPE CHARITY launched the “Covid-19 Relief, Program” during the MCO in early of June this year to deliver the food box to the doorstep of the applicant by courier.