In September, the Taiwanese rock duo Power Station held a charity fundraising event during their concert "Because of Love", successfully raising RM 220,000 for five charitable organizations. Among them, One Hope Charity has received RM 93,606.67 as part of the SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Genetic Disease Awareness campaign fund.

Initiated by ACO Media and VSING, the charity event associated with the concert "Because of Love" was not only a spectacular performance but also brought a precious gift to charitable causes, providing love and warmth to communities in need of help and support.

This selfless spirit of dedication aligns with the core values upheld by One Hope Charity. The funds raised will be dedicated to the SMA Genetic Disease Awareness campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of SMA, assisting affected families and individuals, and promoting related research and support.

SMA is a rare and severe genetic disease. Through this charity event, we not only offer assistance to those affected by SMA but also convey an important message: "Because of Love." We care about the critical issue of SMA, and we are willing to work together with SMA families to create a better future.

Once again, thanks to the organizers, performers, backstage staff, and every compassionate individual who participated. It is through love that we can achieve more beautiful things.