"The baby is truly blessed, and with your generous contributions and blessings, he will undoubtedly navigate through this challenge with strength and eventually leave the hospital in good health."

The newborn baby, Delan Ryan Santam, who had to spend two weeks in the intensive care unit due to inhaling meconium, is currently persevering in the ICU, and his condition is gradually improving. Although he is still in the ICU, some of the medical tubes and equipment have been removed as he progresses toward recovery.

With the required medical expenses of RM40,000 already raised, the parents are immensely grateful to the community, regardless of ethnicity, for their selfless contributions. This generosity has deeply moved the newlyweds, who were overjoyed to welcome their child but encountered unexpected medical challenges during childbirth, including meconium aspiration syndrome, oxygen deprivation, and a bacterial lung infection, which required treatment in the ICU.