Dian Naura Bt Muhd Adlifitri, 10 months, cannot be as lively and active as babies her age. Her every emotion will result in cyanosis and hypoxia.

The money needed for Dian Naura's heart surgery has already been raised. She is from Sungai Petani, Kedah. She will schedule surgery once she is in good condition.

The mother stated that it is uncommon to anticipate conceiving and having a child after six years of marriage. She was helpless and at a loss when she discovered that the child had congenital heart disease. She also gained knowledge on how to treat the child's cyanosis and asthma symptoms. With other children of the same age growing up safely and healthily, this mother feels a lot of self-blame and only wishes for her children to grow up safely and healthily.

The public donation has fully covered the RM55,000 surgery fee for the baby girl, and the couple is extremely grateful. The baby may not survive unless the public contributes generously.