Three-year-old Ding Qiao Wei from Ipoh, Perak, will finally undergo cochlear implant surgery on October 10th, bringing a ray of hope for her parents. They are grateful for the public's donations and are looking forward to helping Qiao Wei emerge from the world of silence.

Since Qiao Wei was diagnosed with deafness, doctors recommended that her mother personally care for her, as it involves a lot of language communication and education. Despite the hardships and traveling, her parents have promised to follow a strict schedule to provide Qiao Wei with speech therapy so that she can learn pronunciation and speaking. They are hopeful that she will be able to call them "mom" and "dad."

Qiao Wei, the 3-year-old girl from Ipoh, Perak, was diagnosed with bilateral deafness relatively late. Now, she needs to undergo cochlear implant surgery as soon as possible to adapt to sounds, catch up on language development, and break free from the fate of being deaf and mute. Her parents, from a modest background, sought help to cover the cost of the cochlear implant surgery.

With the necessary funds raised, the parents are immensely grateful for the public's donations, as this will allow their daughter to experience the wonderful sounds of the world. They hope that Qiao Wei will regain her hearing and have a smoother journey in her growth and development.