"The hole in the baby's heart is expanding too rapidly, not only frightening us but also making us live in constant fear every day. We worry that his heart may not be able to bear the burden, posing a threat to his young life."

Eight-month-old baby boy, Dylan Ooi, is scheduled for surgery on August 11th to repair the hole in his heart, and he is receiving the blessings and well-wishes from the public for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Dylan Ooi Wei Qin from Kampung Selamat in North Seberang Prai, suffers from a congenital heart disease, and the hole in his heart has grown from 3.5 millimeters to 6.5 millimeters in just two months, causing great concern to his parents. The baby boy requires surgery to mend the hole.

The baby's condition has garnered the attention of the public, and the required sum of RM80,000 for the surgery has been raised within XX hours. The parents are deeply grateful for the generous contributions from the public and have pledged to continue doing charitable donations in the future to help others in need of medical treatment.