Covid-19 on the decline in all states, however, there are still critically ill patients staying in the hospital. One Hope Charity has received request from the Hospital Kepala Batas Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula and adult diapers for use by critically ill patients with Covid-19.

One Hope Charity handed over 20 sets of Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula (Air Spiral Tube & Chamber Kit & Optiflow Nasal Cannula) and 88 packs of adult diapers, received by the vice-president of the Hospital Kepala Batas.

Hospital Kepala Batas is one of the main hospitals for the Covid-19 patient. Adult oxygen nasal cannula is used to deliver supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to a patient, it is disposable and cannot be recycled.

The equipment and resources are from the public donations. One Hope Charity makes good use of resources and distributes them to hospitals. Thank you for the effort, and hope that everyone follow the SOP to break the chain of infection.