The old hospital beds in Kulim Hospital, Kedah needed to be replaced – ONE HOPE CHARITY provided support across the states to help the hospital in replacing its 190 old hospital beds and mattresses with new ones.

ONE HOPE CHARITY got to know that many of the hospital’s beds were old, some of the beds were no longer comfortable and the outdated design prohibited easy operation from the beds, that they needed to be replaced. The new beds and mattresses would give the patients more comforts as they go through their treatments and recovery journeys in the hospital.

During the pandemic, hospital beds are one of the most important medical facilities for treating patients with various diseases, not just in the Covid-19 wards but even in normal wards.

A joint effort in supporting and subsidising medical facilities for the hospital not only helps the hospital and the frontline medical staff, but also benefits the patients during their treatments and allows them to recover as soon as possible.

Chairman Dato’ Chua Sui Hau handed over the hospital beds and mattresses sponsored by One Hope Charity to Kulim Hospital’s director Dr. Fauziah Bt Abdul Wahab.

He said that medical facilities donated to the hospital were purchased through public donations.

“We thank the generous individuals for supporting One Hope Charity despite the current pandemic situation so that we can continue to provide rapid support to government hospitals facing equipment shortages,” he said.