A 23-year-old man, Narenkumar A/L Chita Arasu, suffered a stroke three years ago due to high blood pressure. After being discharged, he requires constant care from his family. One Hope Charity provides assistance in the form of powdered milk to alleviate the family's financial burden.

Hailing from Sungai Bakap, Penang, Narenkumar experienced a stroke in 2020 caused by high blood pressure. After a 6-month hospitalization, he was allowed to return home for recovery. Despite being in a coma, Narenkumar relies on a nasal gastric tube to consume milk for nutritional needs, and his daily care is managed by his mother.

Narenkumar has had intellectual disabilities since childhood, holding a disabled person's card and receiving a monthly assistance of RM300 from the Social Welfare. To ensure he doesn't miss the critical recovery period, his family arranges 2 to 3 physiotherapy sessions per week, incurring a cost of RM85 per session.

His father works as a warehouse administrator in a factory, earning a monthly salary of approximately RM2300, while his mother is a housewife. His 25-year-old sister, a graduate in engineering, assists in his care while seeking employment. With the family relying solely on the father's income, financial difficulties have arisen.

Upon receiving the request for assistance, ONE HOPE CHARITY dispatched representatives for a home visit and decided to provide aid in the form of milk powder assistance to help them navigate the current economic challenges.

If there are any poor or needy who need medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, oxygen machines, special milk powder, diapers welcome to apply from us. Any assistance please contact our hotline 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192, 04-5399212.