Smartphone is not medical equipment, but it is essential tool to connect each other. In the Covid-19 pandemic, the smartphone is the communication equipment for frontline medical staff to communicate with the outsider and share information in the isolation ward.

For patients in the ICU, the smartphone is the only communication tool for the patient to talk to their families before intubation, or even to confess the last words or to see family one last time.

One Hope Charity received a request from the hospital to sponsor 2 smartphones for communication purpose in the ICU. We obliged to purchase the smartphones for Field ICU in Hospital Kepala Batas.

One Hope Charity handover the smartphones to Dr. Helmi Abdul Rahim, Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Hospital Kepala Batas.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic limits the distance between people, we believe that this communication device can bring you closer to person far from you.

Never wait for the perfect moment to do charity because every moment is perfect for charity. Tomorrow will be better.