On November 15 of last year, the surgeon performed spinal cord surgery on 12-year-old Fong Yu Ming, during which the hydrospinal fluid was removed. He finally hoped to treat the scoliosis in time after several months of observation. Surgery is planned for this year on April 1st.

During the first operation, the doctor operated on the back of the neck to drain water. Yu Ming was released from the hospital after four days of observation. He was able to return to school and resume his normal routine after being discharged for two weeks. His condition is now stable, and his doctor has scheduled scoliosis correction surgery.

Mother Lu Yue Zhen is grateful for the public's help because if the child does not have surgery, the increasingly scoliotic spine will endanger the child's life, so surgery is the only option. She is extremely grateful for the public's ability to save the child's life.

Fong Yu Ming from Kulim, Kedah has a 90-degree scoliosis and needs surgery as soon as possible. He also needs the blessings of the public. We also hope that his surgery goes well and he grows up safely and healthily.