Chee Mun Fong, a 40-year-old single Chinese woman, was diagnosed with Dandy Walker Syndrome, a condition that results in brain malformations, hydrocephalus, and worsens with age, from the moment of her birth.

After her parents passed away, she relied on her only sibling, her brother, for support. She had mobility issues and required constant care. Her brother could only work as a Grab driver, earning a modest income.

Chee Mun Fong and her brother have been long-term beneficiaries of One Hope Charity's assistance and care.

Prior to this, Chee Mun Fong had to undergo emergency surgery and treatment in the intensive care unit due to her illness. However, her hydrocephalus issue was not resolved, and she eventually passed away due to complications.

Because her brother did not have the savings to handle the arrangements for his sister, he sought assistance from One Hope Charity to ensure that his sister could have a dignified farewell. After the funeral, her brother also donated his meager savings to One Hope Charity to assist the next person in need at the end of life."

Thank you to the generous donations from the public on regular days, which enable us to assist needy families and elderly individuals with their end-of-life arrangements at any time. If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so at any time, as this will be ongoing support for unforeseen needs.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families who are unable to arrange post-life affairs for their deceased relatives or if elderly individuals living alone require pre-registration, they can contact our hotline at 016-920 29202, 019-232 2192, or 04-539 9212 for assistance.