Julius Coelho A/L A F Coelho was an 83-year-old single elderly man of Eurasian descent. He was born in Perak, Malaysia, and later lived in Sabah. After retiring at an old age, he was accommodated in a government-run elderly care home in Sabah, where his accommodation expenses were subsidized by the Sabah Social Welfare Department.

Subsequently, the elderly care home was later shut down due to non-compliance with regulations. Julius Coelho was then referred back to a government-run elderly care home in his hometown, which fell under the jurisdiction of the local welfare department. He spent his later years peacefully in this new home.

However, he recently passed away due to heart failure. One Hope Charity received a request for help from the welfare department to provide him with a coffin and handle all the necessary posthumous arrangements. One Hope Charity gathered contributions from the public and conducted a Catholic burial ceremony for him based on his religious beliefs.

ONE HOPE CHARITY expresses its gratitude to the public for their ongoing donations and support for the columbarium, enabling ONE HOPE CHARITY to assist more needy families and elderly individuals with their final arrangements. Those interested in making donations are welcome to contribute at any time, as this assistance is an ongoing commitment to meet the needs as they arise.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families who are unable to arrange post-life affairs for their deceased relatives or if elderly individuals living alone require pre-registration, they can contact our hotline at 016-920 29202, 019-232 2192, or 04-539 9212 for assistance.