Liong Nga @ Liong Kok Keong (83 years old, male) and Khoo Khim Khuan (73 years old, female), two Chinese elderly individuals without family support, who had been placed in a government-run elderly nursing home, peacefully passed away in their sleep within two days of each other.

Upon receiving the request from the nursing home, ONE HOPE CHARITY dispatched its personnel to coordinate the arrangements for these two elderly individuals, including handling their remains, conducting memorial services, and cremation.

Subsequently, ONE HOPE CHARITY arranged for their ashes to be placed in a columbarium in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, as an act of merit dedicated to the generous donors who contribute to these charitable causes.

ONE HOPE CHARITY utilized the donations it receives from the public for funeral and burial assistance to handle the final arrangements for these two elderly individuals, including coffins, memorial ceremonies, funeral services, and cremation. As both deceased individuals had no living relatives, ONE HOPE CHARITY has taken responsibility for placing their ashes in the columbarium in Bukit Mertajam.

ONE HOPE CHARITY has a long-standing commitment to assisting impoverished families with funeral and burial expenses. As long as the criteria are met, ONE HOPE CHARITY fully covers the costs to ensure that families can bid farewell to their loved ones without financial burdens.

ONE HOPE CHARITY also promotes the "Promise of the Last Journey" program, allowing elderly individuals without family support to register in advance. This way, they can specify their wishes for their final arrangements, and ONE HOPE CHARITY will ensure that these wishes are fulfilled when the time comes.

ONE HOPE CHARITY expresses its gratitude to the public for their ongoing donations and support for the Columbarium, enabling ONE HOPE CHARITY to assist more needy families and elderly individuals with their final arrangements. Those interested in making donations are welcome to contribute at any time, as this assistance is an ongoing commitment to meet the needs as they arise.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families who are unable to arrange post-life affairs for their deceased relatives or if elderly individuals living alone require pre-registration, they can contact our hotline at 016-920 29202, 019-232 2192, or 04-539 9212 for assistance.