A 66-year-old single man was sent to the hospital for treatment following a car accident. After being hospitalized for over half a month, he was transferred to a semi-profitable nursing home due to lack of care, but tragically passed away peacefully just two days later.

Phun Kok Meng encountered a car accident in June, and although he survived, he was unable to care for himself upon discharge due to his impaired condition. Being single and without anyone to look after him, he was placed in a nursing home for the elderly. However, it was discovered just two days later that he had peacefully passed away in his sleep.

Upon being informed and receiving authorization from the deceased's family, ONE HOPE CHARITY rallied donations from kind-hearted individuals from various places to arrange for his posthumous affairs.

On behalf of the family and the deceased, ONE HOPE CHARITY expresses gratitude to the general public for their contributions, including monetary donations, providing a coffin, donating urns, and offering niches for ashes, all of which assist impoverished families and solitary elderly individuals in settling posthumous matters, allowing the departed to complete their final journey smoothly.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families who are unable to arrange post-life affairs for their deceased relatives or if elderly individuals living alone require pre-registration, they can contact our hotline at 016-920 29202, 019-232 2192, or 04-539 9212 for assistance.