From May to October this year, One Hope Charity had provided help to 113 applicants of its Funeral and Burial Assistances through the fund donated by the public. This includes the sending off 25 poor and needy individuals who died of Covid-19, so that they could complete their life journeys with dignity.

The Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the implementation of the Movement Control Order, has had significant impact on the income of some families. Some poor and underprivileged families who were facing difficulties in life, felt even worse when they faced the losing of their family members as they could not afford the coffin and funeral expenses of their loved ones.

In the span of six months between May and October this year, One Hope Charity assisted a total of 113 applicants of Funeral and Burial Assistances, of which, 25 were patients died of Covid-19. Some of them were from poor family, and some families approached One Hope Charity for help as they were on quarantine with no savings and income to pay for the funeral of their loved ones.

Out of the 113 Funeral and Burial Assistances, 13 cases were in May, 20 cases in June, 18 cases in July, 24 cases in August, 20 cases in September and 18 cases in October.

One Hope Charity not only provided coffins to the deceased but also assisted their family members in handling the funerals, cremation and provided help for the deceased ashes to be kept in the columbarium. As some of the deceased were from poor families, One Hope Charity would also conduct home visits to understand their condition, as well as provide help for the sick elderly and young children in their family, such as to provide food and medical supplies like diapers and special milk formula to them.

One Hope Charity makes good use of the donations from generous individuals to help those who need funeral and burial assistances. The organisation will also conduct the funerals based on the applicants’ last wish.

Thanks to the general donations from well-wishers, so that the organisation can provide emergency help to poor and needed families, as well as to provide dignity send-off for the poor and lonely elders.

Funeral & Burial Assistance 2021 December