"Madam Teh, rest assured that your daughter is taken care of by her teacher. If there is any financial need, we will provide support. The children are being properly looked after. You can rest in peace!"

At the age of 66, Teh Gaik Choo was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. After actively fighting the disease for nearly 2 years, she peacefully passed away, grateful for encountering a good teacher. Now, her 17-year-old orphan is entrusted to the care of the teacher. One Hope Charity not only provided assistance with the funeral arrangements but also became a strong economic support for the young girl. We hope that Madam Teh can let go of her worries and rest in peace.

In late May, during the chemotherapy process, Teh Gaik Choo passed away. One Hope Charity mobilized to take care of the matters after her passing and arranged a memorial service and funeral assistance based on her Christian rituals. After cremation, her ashes were placed in a cemetery niche.

Despite the sorrow and helplessness, the daughter received comfort from her teacher and pastor, allowing her to face the turbulent emotions of losing her mother. We hope she can take good care of herself and live a good life.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families unable to handle the affairs after the passing of their loved ones or elderly individuals in need of pre-registration, they can contact One Hope Charity hotline for assistance at 016-920 2920, 016-419 2192, 04-539 9212.