Teo Jin Hock and Jin Hee, the two brothers from Machang Bubuk in Bukit Mertajam, have been living in their family's oil palm plantation since birth. As their parents and siblings passed away one by one, the two brothers relied on each other and lived in a wooden house within the plantation.

Due to their advanced age, their health has declined. Jin Hock, who previously contracted COVID-19, experienced a gradual decline in health after recovering. He lost strength in his legs and his vision became nearly half-blind. His younger brother, Jin Hee, also experienced a deterioration in his health, with his vision gradually becoming blurry. Being alone, he couldn't take care of his brother's daily life. Fortunately, with the help of One Hope Charity and the public, the two brothers were able to move into the same nursing home and enjoy their later years.

At the age of 78, Jin Hock peacefully passed away in his sleep in mid-May. One Hope Charity, with the contributions from the public, arranged for his funeral and purchased a niche for his ashes according to his religious beliefs.

One Hope Charity has always provided funeral and post-life assistance to impoverished families. As long as they meet the eligibility criteria, we take full responsibility for the funeral expenses, allowing families to send their departed loved ones on their final journey with peace of mind.

We express our gratitude to the public for their regular donations and sponsorship of niches, which enable One Hope Charity to assist more financially needy families and elderly individuals in handling their post-life affairs. Those who are interested in making donations can contribute at any time, as this is an ongoing assistance program to meet unforeseen needs.

Furthermore, if there are impoverished families who are unable to arrange post-life affairs for their deceased relatives or if elderly individuals living alone require pre-registration, they can contact our hotline at 016-920 29202, 019-232 2192, or 04-539 9212 for assistance.