Teo Soo Lai @ Teo Tee, a 76-year-old single elderly man, made a meager living by collecting recyclables. He barely earned enough to support himself. Recently, a friend found him unconscious and called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away on the way.

Teo Soo Lai held a red Permanent Resident identity card, and his roommate had no information about his relatives. The police were unable to locate his family, so the hospital morgue entrusted ONE HOPE CHARITY with handling his post-mortem arrangements.

ONE HOPE CHARITY utilized the donations it receives regularly to provide a casket and take care of all the necessary funeral arrangements for Teo Soo Lai. Since he had no relatives, ONE HOPE CHARITY's volunteers collected his remains and placed them in a niche in the columbarium.

ONE HOPE CHARITY has consistently provided funeral assistance to impoverished families. If they meet the criteria, ONE HOPE CHARITY fully covers the funeral expenses, enabling the families to send their loved ones on their final journey with peace of mind.

ONE HOPE CHARITY also advocates for the "Promise of the last journey" Care Program, allowing elderly individuals without support, who are concerned about not having anyone to handle their post-mortem affairs, to register with ONE HOPE CHARITY. ONE HOPE CHARITY will then fulfill their final wishes.

ONE HOPE CHARITY expresses gratitude for the donations received from the public, which enable them to assist more needy impoverished families and elderly individuals in managing post-mortem arrangements. Those willing to contribute can donate at any time, as this support is long-term, ready for when it is needed.

Additionally, if there are impoverished families who cannot manage post-mortem arrangements for their deceased relatives or single elderly individuals who need pre-registration assistance, they can contact ONE HOPE CHARITY's hotline for help at 016-920 2920, 016-419 2192, or 04-539 9212.