"Thank you for your contribution; otherwise, I'm not sure how we'll get through the rest of our lives..."

The 60-year-old mother was saddened to see her healthy son suffering from a car accident-related illness in bed and was concerned about the child's care and the family's upcoming expenses. The elderly mother can finally relax now that the association's donation of RM70,000 for medical and nursing home expenses has been fully met.

Gary Ng, 42, of Penang Island, was able to save his life after having a craniotomy to remove the blood stasis. He now requires another surgery to replace his head.

He will be discharged from the hospital and then transferred to a nursing home for special care once the operation is stable.

Even though Gary Ng managed to flee, things won't be simple in the future. We hope Gary can recover quickly and carry on making contributions to society with the help of public donations and blessings.

On behalf of the family, One Hope Charity thanks the public for their donations, which will allow the donation to reach the standard as soon as possible and help his mother and sister overcome their difficulties.